Music System for my Car

Hi all,

I want to install music system for my car (Mehran)

Please sugest what type of audio cassete player/ CD player should i install.

I have heard that it is better and less-expensive to install a normal pocket MP3 player rather than cassete player or CD Player, Please guid in this regards:

Thanks in Advance.

How much is your budget?

If you have an ipod or a cell phone which can connect to a 3mm jack handsfree then you dont need an expensive cassette/cd player. There is a custom cassette available which can connect ur iphone/mp3 player/cellphone to your car players. You just need to invest in a good set of speakers, kenwood have some classic models available in market go for them. You can also get a medium budget amplifier to boost the sound a little.


Actually budget is not an issue, due to frequeny of theft i dont want to go for expensive solution.

I do know about the 'custom cassete' and also have the mp3 player to connect it with this custom cassete. Do i need a cassete player also for this? sorry for this silly question, but i want some more details


Any company fitted cassette player would do. Go to any Cassette/CD/DVD shop and ask them to give you the cassette which can connect your ipod/mp3 player, it costs around Rs. 250/300. Get a pair of Kenwood speakers in the range of Rs. 4500/5000. DONT GET any unknown chinese company speakers even if they sound good. In addition to your kenwood speakers, if you have the money you can get a 2-channel or 4-channel amplifier to go with it. That will cost you another Rs. 4000/45000. Although it is not necessary but if you like to listen to your music a little louder then you do need an amplifier.

For any sound system you need AT LEAST two things:

1. head unit a.k.a cassette player or CD player.

2. A pair of Speakers

If you are not an audiophile (not fussy about the exact quality of sound), then you can go and get a decent headunit. There is guy here going by the name "GOINA". He has two head units with him. Its a value solution, perfectly suited to you I think. Hez also in Karachi. As for his repo, iv dealt with him before for PC stuff and so i'l recommend him.

If you're an audiophile then you'll need to dish out at least 6-8k for a good new Pioneer HU.

As for speakers, most people recommend Kenwood 718s for starters. But here i'l say go to any shop and listen to the speakers before you buy them. Besides, many many speakers come in original as well as copies, including the 718s mentioned here.

You can connect the speakers directly to the headunit but that'l limit the volume a little. a separate amplifier will cost. and for that you'll need wiring+fuse etc too. so additional costs if you go the amplifier way.

Unless you post your requirements and budget, there is no way to give you proper suggestions.....

Great, there is already a thread regarding this issue. I have a query regarding this aswell, if you don't mind me hijaking ur thread. [which i assume u wont]

I own a honda city 02 model and the cassete player installed in my car seems not to be working at all all the buttons are clunky and i havent heard a beep from the speakers aswell. Now if i go to any shop and ask him to install a direct male pin to the speakers in my car and then use my mp3.. is this possible?

I will further extend the query by asking that is it possible to connect an mp3 player through 3.5mm jack directly into an amplifier, which then connects to the speakers? With this configuration, I will only need a good amp + speaker set and any mp3 player would do fine with them. Also, I have heard that nowadays, USB mp3 players are common in market. So please suggest:

1. Which amplifier and speaker set to buy, with 3.5mm input support?

2. If I want to go with USB player (which supports flash memory input), which one to buy, and do I still need to buy an amplifier for that?

Budget is 10k but can be stretched to 15k.

thanks the_last_tragic_moment and maliksab

Tomorrow i will visit Regal Sadar and will update u all

^Hey shafiq get this one (along the chic!) :P


thanks for the chic ONLY :P

^unikorn yes its possible i tried tht setup in my mehran whn my player stop working i attached my nokia 5800 directly to amp

dont waste too much money on panel if you have a music phone. If the panel comes with AUX input, all you need is a aux cable, usually a 3.5 mm one. For speakers check your budget, Kenwood is a good choice. Do check electronic market in sadar and jackson market near keemari for used speakers

Yes i have visited Regal Sadar and found a solution

1 a conventional cassete player [used will cost around Rs.1500]

2 a modulator [convertor] to use with MP3, Mobile, USB etc [will cost Rs.500]

3 a set of speakers [Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000, means according to budget]

it sounds good to me, OR anyone have better options, please share