Multiplayer Game/Web Server Hosting in Pakistan

Assalam O Alaikum. My name is Faisal Maqsood. I am going to start Multiplayer Game server hosting in pakistan based on Pakistani ips named PTCL. I am using corporate based direct fibre pie bone connection for my hosting services.So Pings guaranteed is below 90ms for All Pakistani users even if he is from remotely areas like abbotabad or sindh or any other city in pakistan. So if any person wants to host game servers in pakistan with 24/7 uptime and good performance kindly contact me on my email id= . I am mentioning rates for any game server hosting except counter strike Global Offensive and Counter Strike Source. 1: Slots=14 Type=Locked Match server Price= PKR 2200rs 2: Slots=32 Public Server Price=PKR 3500. If any 1 wants to start business based hosting then he can also contact me to enquire rates. My internet port speed is 100mbps with approx 70mbps upload speed so i have enough upload /download speed plus special firewall based DDOS- Protection available(upto 85%). These are the lowest rates ever announced for game /web hosting in pakistan. For more info contact me on email mentioned above. Thank You