Muhammad Asif arrested in Dubai on contraband item

Muhammad Asif arrested in Dubai on contraband item

LAHORE: Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Asif has been arrested at Dubai airport on charges of possessing illegal drugs, cricket officials said Tuesday.

Asif was seized while returning home from India after featuring in Indian Premier League, which ended on Sunday.

"Yes, we can confirm about Asif's arrest. He was stopped at Dubai airport on charges of carrying opium and was supposed to be brought before the magistrate on Tuesday," the official said.

The sources said that Muhammad Asif in police custody had admitted of possessing opium.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief Operating Officer Shafquat Naghmi would hold a press conference in the afternoon to unveil the details of the incident and PCB strategy for the release of Muhammad Asif.


wow! you know our "heroes" are so unpredictable that you can't even imagine what they gonna do next. i say ban him for life.

What the hell is wrong with these people? Our two most promising bowlers who both in their own right could have been the best in the world are idiots beyond belief. When you come out of near absolute poverty like both Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif you would expect they would take their one in a million jackpot chance seriously.

One can't control his temper and keep his libido out of the news and the other wants to escape his reality which is a fantasy life for millions of Pakistani boys.


They are not hero, they are zero for Pakistan. If Asif case is real than he should not represent Pakistan instead punsih him by Paksitan Court.

Goes to show these stars aren't angels as many would want to believe. Worse, they are sometimes more stupid than your average stupid joe.

And hey, I have an idea. In the next IPL they should create a new team called The Stupid Royals with stars like Shoaib Akhtar, Asif, and Harbhajan. Now wouldn't that be an interesting team? :D

I think he and shoaib were once arrested in south africa for smoking the stuff.

But why carry it on board a plane? Was he expecting to be giving vip status and not get searched? Seems a very dumb move

what is the sentence in dubai?

Mr Akram told Pakistani TV channels that the bowler had been carrying herbal medicine he had been given for an elbow injury..

complete story at bbc.

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what is the sentence in dubai?

minimum sentence is 4 years…thats what this guy got:

maximum penalty for trafficking is death…

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minimum sentence is 4 years…thats what this guy got:

maximum penalty for trafficking is death…


14 years is most likely, 25 is a norm.

What makes you think he was possessing it in his own will? Isn’t there a possibility of someone else tampering with his bag (or wherever it was found). The dubai laws are ridiculous by the way. Many innocent people are punished.

Edit: He isn’t arrested, he’s detained - there’s a subtle difference. The illegal substance was found in his wallet according to BBC.

hehe, now it’s a herbal medicine :confused:

What the hell is wrong with this country?

Do we not already have a bad image already in the world that these stupid cricketers of ours are damaging it further instead of making it better?

I say BAN CRICKET FROM PAKISTAN, The people and the players dont deserve it. The players think they are so big that they can do anything they want and they go to the world cup and lose to Ireland. What a disgrace !! And then on top of that they do these sort of things like drugs etc.

We dont deserve cricket in Pakistan. Ban it completely i say.

He could have easily got the hold of drugs in Pakistan,why the heck did he buy it from abroad? Didn't he know he will be shitlisted from the team if he will be caught red handed .. lol ,while I was watching the news channel ,Asif's excuse was that the drugs and beer can's were in my bag since December,I didn't know . muahaha

These charsies and Muwlais should be banned for life.

o c'mon

he was just carrying salajeet, a herbal medicine quite famous among our rural as well as those folks who still believe in herbal medicines for capacity enhancement.

it's no sin.

and would be no sin as consuming liquor or puffing charas or opium is no sin in dubai as well as in majority of pakistani localities.

instead of opium he had salajit? sure?

but i think trading any kind of drug is illegal in every part of the world and he has been held for that

Whatever he was carrying, why is it always Pakistani players who are accused of such things !!

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Whatever he was carrying, why is it always Pakistani players who are accused of such things !!

hamein keera hai

btw alamode you haven’t been much active on this forum lately

Salajit is not a drug i guess, its some kind of herbal medicine which helps raising the tool.. Why would Mohammad Asif use that? :-/

lolz ya!!!! :lol:

search google and see the first result

international media especially indian media having a field day...