MTV Pakistan/Indus Music

Recently I noticed MTV Pakistan's logo has been changed to old IM(Indus Music)? Anybody got any news regarding Viacom ending collaboration with the Indus Media group? It was a flop project anyway no matter what has now happend.

That was a pathetic attempt by Indus. MTV is an international brand with some standards. Indus couldn't reach those standards. And they also didnt have license for that channel. If its gone then its a good news. It wasn't available on any cable network in Islamabad anyway.

But you gotta admit - they do play English songs that are quite new (as in - within one week or so after the video's been released, they grab a copy of it as well).

But yeah - MTV Pakistan couldn't match the international branding. To begin with, Indus decided to NOT follow the Pop x1000 theme MTV uses globally. Sad.

I've been trying to look for some info myself regarding this change but couldn't find anything. I hope Viacom comes in with its own management and operations... or perhaps ARY takes over (cause when they had VH1, they were able to maintain some standard, even though it was rather short-lived). Guess HBO has SOME standards maintained - like Nick - but it's not the real deal.

Still better than Indus managing MTV. Whatever.