[MT] TweakTown Breaks The NDA & Publishes The GTX 680 Review

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TweakTown has been on a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) breaking spree in the last week or so. They started off with breaking Intel Ivy Bridge NDA and posted complete reviews of upcoming Intel Ivy Bridge processors along with their overclocking results. Now they have went ahead with breaking the NVIDIA GTX 680 NDA. Although only a couple of hours are left till NVIDIA officially releases their card but still TweakTown still broke the rules. Their senior reviews editor, Shane Bextor, said that they have been trying to reach NVIDIA about the GEFORCE GTX 680 launch but even after countless mails NVIDIA hasn’t responded to them. They really wanted to play by the rules but NVIDIA’s rude behaviour has left them with no option.

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Source: Maximum-Tech