[MT] PowerColor HD 7950 PCS+ Review

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AMD recently launched Radeon HD 7950; it’s one of the first graphics cards based on 28nm manufacturing process. Like its bigger brother, HD 7970, it’s also based on AMD’s latest “Tahiti” silicon. Radeon HD 7950 is actually a trimmed down version of the HD 7970. A couple of things are shaved off to decrease the cost and make it ‘affordable’ as compared to HD 7970. To being with, Graphics CoreNext Compute Units (CUs) are decreased down to 28 as compared to 32 on HD 7970; this translates into 1,792 shaders in contrast to 2,048 found on its bigger brother. TMU count has been decreased to 112 from 128. That’s marks as an ending point in the list of physical changes that AMD made to the core, everything else is exactly same. As far as memory is concerned, it adopted HD 7970’s 3GB GDDR5 memory spread across 384-bit wide interface.



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