[MT] Intel i7-3770K Overclocked to 6.616 GHz

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Another bloke X800Pro has overclocked the upcoming Intel Ivy Bridge processor using liquid nitrogen (LN2). He was able to achieve a maximum clock of 6616.96 MHz (no CPU-Z validation though) on Intel i7 3770K but he managed to validate it at 6584 MHz using 63x multiplier (104.52×63), the vcore was a staggering 1.85v (CPU-Z giving an incorrect reading due to a motherboard bug). The sytem was powered by Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H, G.Skill 2133CL7 2GBx2, Corsair AX1200 and Zotac GTX 680 ‘Supreme Edition’.


Source: Maximum-Tech

^ Thats something. But i didn't understand one thing as i've not done overcloking myself, why is the bus speed 104.5mhz? ain't that too low?

Overclocking has changed since the p55 days, its more dependant on multiplier now, the overclocker is using 63x multiplier I think.

I fail to understand why such things interest people. Shouldn't hardware be judged on average usage? Moreover, do you know that a GPU can calculate WPA rainbow tables faster than desktop processors? In biomedical research, people prefer GPUs over processors.

We just have Intel, and AMD. We have to buy whatever crap they are selling. So just go for whatever smells better. Do we have a choice at all?