[MT] Intel Core i7-3770K Gets Overclocked To 6.2 GHz, Breaks PiFast WR

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Some people are OK with breaking their NDA. Such a guy, OC_Windforce, showed some overclocking results of Intel’s upcoming Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge based processor. He used an Engeenring Sample of Core i7-3770K and MSI Z77A-GD65 motherboard along with LN2 to take the upcoming Ivy Bridge processor all the way up to 6.2 GHz (1.776 vCore). He also mentioned that the CPU sample he got isnt really a good one and 5 GHz is possible on air with 1.42v.


Source: Maximum-Tech

wow , lovely ,

the best i could hit was 5.8Ghz with my 2600K... =)