[MT] ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 Motherboard Review

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ASRock is a Taiwan based motherboard manufacturing company. They aren’t really new to the business; they were working under ASUS till 2002. They spun off from ASUS back then to make some name in the OEM market like Foxconn but they also started to penetrate into the DIY market after their IPO in 2007. Since then they’ve been only going up. In 2011, ASRock sold around 8 million motherboards, that’s puts them at the 3rd place with ASUS and GIGABYTE above it. For 2012, they have set their target at 10 million. ASRock is making some really good motherboards and is getting popular among consumers as every day passes.


Source: Maximum-Tech

Got one, year back.

Features wise 8/10

Performance wise 6/10

Over-Heating in no time

Overall: Not recommended

On what basis? Would ya enlighten us all. What overheats? and the board that was reviewed took that 2500K to 5.2GHz stable and consumed less power than the more expensive ASUS counterpart. What more do you want in terms of performance? lol I know a couple of guys who have this board and all of them said the opposite of what you're saying.

Maybe you got a bad unit, who knows :P