MSI GeForce GTX 680 Twin Frozr III Graphics Card Smiles for the Camera

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Today a French website Cowcotland posted pictures of what appears to be MSI Twin Frozr III GTX 680. The card is using the MSI’s Twin Frozr III cooler while the PCB is still reference. The card is using a dual-fan cooling solution, five nickel plated copper pipes with a pure copper base and the heat is dissipated through the aluminum fins array. The frequencies on this card are core 1058 MHz and boost 1124 MHz which is a little higher than the reference frequency of core 1006 MHz and boost 1058 MHz while the memory remains the same at 1502 MHz (6.0 GHz effective).

Source: Maximum-Tech

any about power supply required for it?

Any good 600W PSU would do... hell I think even a good 500W will run GTX 680.

^ Will my VX550 be enough for it :wacko: ??


I guess Asus 550 Watt should be sufficent

its look beautiful...................................................

Isnt PSU requirement dependent on number of amperes on 12v wire i guess?

Yup and 680 isn't a power hungry card. Its TDP is 195W

OH got it, then it must be same series- ASUS already launched a dual chip and dual fan GPU and they says it will run on 650 watt (correct me if I'm wrong) and it seems it is same latest invention chip that is used in that Asus card.

I doubt so. Asus would probably have had patented it if its something unique.