MSI 7800 GT 256MB DDR3, 256 Bit Going Cheap!

MSI 7800 GT selling cheap. It's still a fantastic card would be cruel to shelf it.

Here's a link to it's specs.

Here's a picture of it.


I'll post some FPS rates here for 3 Popular games as well because I was looking online for 7800 GT FPS on COD4, Company of Hero's and Warcraft 3 and couldn't find much. Now I think Google should pick this up for other people.

For one let me clarify that 7800 GT runs games better than the 8600 GT. The 8600 GT has a bandwidth of 22.4 GB/s while the 7800 GT has it running at 32.2 GB/S. Of course there are many other things to consider but to keep things simple. This performs half way between the 8600 GT & 9600 GT, somewhere very close to the 9600 GSO(384Mb, 192bit, DDR3).

The 7800 GT runs Company of Hero's 1650x1050 @ 38 fps with details on High. 46 FPS on 1280x800 again on High with a rating of GREAT from the game.

It runs Call of Duty 4 1024x768 @ 55 FPS with settings on High and Shadows etc turned on. 1200x800 @ 46 Fps.

It runs Warcraft 3 1600 x 1200 on max settings at 60 FPS.

Includes original packing.

Price Rs. 4,000 non negotiable.

Email me if interested.


do you think it will work on a 350 watt psu?

It depends on what else you have running in your system but I doubt it. I think a 400W PSU would be the minimum for any graphic card.

How do i contact you ?

Email me

Yar i could giv u 3.5k for the card. But the problem is that you are in lahore.

Yep I'm in Lahore and at 4 K this card is a gift to any WP member ! :)

could you ship it to other city??? If yes then how the deal can be made?

Nopes my friend, sorry. Lahore only.

3k for the Card. how do i contact you ?

Thanks dude but price is Non Negotiable at 4 k. If you're interested email me.

Sold, please close thread because I still get emails.