MS in Computer Science after 3 year BCS

I am from lahore and have completed BCS 3 years (not hons) , now i am looking forward for MS in computer science, is it better for me to get admission in MS directly and complete deficient courses for it? (As some universities are offering admissions in MS after simple bachelor degree)

OR first i do MCS and then apply for MS… help me out for this decision.

As far as I know good public sector Universities donot allow MS to 3 years BCS students But private Universities can offer such JUGARD courses because they just want money ....

Therefore its upto you if some private Universty is offering you MS and has good reputation and you can afford then donot waste time in MCS just get admision in MS ......

By the way from which university you completed BCS ???

u can join VU MCS program and after u year, ur degree will equal to 16 years education.

later if u want u can go for MS-CS (2 years program ) or M Phil.