MS degree from Virtual University or from another University

Hello everyone,

i am planning to get MS(software Engg.) from Virtual University. Do any one has information about the value of MS from Virtual University. if there are better universities then please let me know. please also tell me:

1) when are admission going to open.

2) what are the requirements: throughout first division, any test etc.

3) Any website of your recommanded university.

Thanks in advance.

Be like Dasti. Get a degree and chill !!!

What would you do, after so much study and attaining degrees?

Now i am completely free and have a chance to attain MS degree. In fact i want to go for PHD and 18 year education is must for that.

mmm if you are ok with sitting at home and pushing yourself into listening to lectures on cd's or tv, then go for VU

As far as the "value" is concerned, VU is one of the top in that field

its just not all people feel comfortable with this mode of study including myself (current student btw)


i think VU don't offer MS at home. You will have to go to campus.

i think you have done BS from VU (read in VU thread).... so i suggest you to choose any other university for the sake of change.... + changing uni means you meat with more people who in your field.... and so that you will know what is missing in VU... and what others got in "formal" education that you missed in "informal" education system...

Education is not everything, the more important is to learn where the world is going and competition is the key to success, in "formal" education system you will come across to more challenging environment,

I dont think you can really grow up/broaden your mind in "informal education system" that VU have.


thanks for guidence. please tell me what will be the better University. LUMS admission test date was 21st May. Don't know about Punjab University admission criteria and i didn't find any information about MS in software engineering as well.

well as per my point of view, and repute FAST is all in all when it comes to CS, they offer MSCS.... dont know about any other...

i just wanted to say,, dont spend your whole life in "informal education system", always give it second priority....

Dear i am virtual university student. also want to do MSCS, i have dome my master from vu, actually the crieria of MS is very tough, but vu has not tough criteria specially for vu graduates its not tough...

Vu is the best one for getting MSCS degree but only one drawback of vu, you have no contacts to your class fellows, teachers,

and Benefit is that you have to not to attend classes and lectures and you can make your date sheet yourself...

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