MP3 voice recorder suggestion required.?


I am looking for MP3 VOICE RECORDERS for recording lectures and similar type of stuff. I think the ordinary MP3 players like audionic etc donot have a good sound recoding quality.My main purpose is to record lectures(never going to record any musical type of voice) in good quality without the sound of enviroment and fan and other voices mixed.The speaker may be far away or may be very near to the recorder.i donot want very large memory size, only i need long battery time and long recoding time.would prefer USB chargable Recorders (as i think cell battery discharges very fast and may be diffult to get possibility of recharge).I have looked around on the internet and have read about Sony ,panasonic etc voice recorders, willing to know what options are available in pakistan.I would prefer that the recoder has both bultin and external mic option.

Below are my preferences, Although this is not hard and fast as long as i can get good recoding quality.

recorder directly in MP3 or common audio format.

good standby time with recharging on USB prefered rather than battery based.

if some software is required to convert recoding format to MP3/others .that software should support all windows OS.

builtin + external mic option

Ease of use

budget range below Rs10,000 ,if there is some very unique product then can think of increasing price range.

Looking for this kind of item myself, don't trust Audionic esp. after watching their ads on TV - aren't their execs embarrassed?

Anyway, OP if you're still alive, don't look for too much help on this board.