Mozilla Firefox?

I have Ie and FF installed but when i block anysite with these like it is never done bcoz i again can visit it by typing only how can i make it right coz i have a long list of site that i wana block but it never works :P

How are you blocking the sites? I mean what software are you using for it?

@ BillaBadmash

I don't get it, what do you mean by "blocking" website in web browsers? Do you mean blocking cookies? Or the whole web site?

By the way, if I want to block some URL then I write entry in HOSTS file.

In Windows XP it's located at following location:


Open that file in NOTEPAD and add a line as following:

By writing above line, whenever you'll write any URL that contains "", your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.) will be directed to your local loop and thus will not open the website.

Tell me if you get it right or if you need more explanation.

Fe-Aman Allah.

Yeah thanks I got it i was using Internet explorer Content Advisor which was not working for me :( But now after making changes to Host file i want it to be secure so that no one else can change the file is it also possible.

^ Some spys can target HOSTS file and change it to benefit themselves and ban sites like NAV updating servers etc. You may try to flag HOSTS file as Read-only but it may not help that much. Therefore, it is not possible to fully secure HOSTS file.