Moving Entire HardDrive Data to External Drive


I need to format a Laptop. It has Windows Vista & Xp installed on it. It need to be formatted and cleaned up. There is data on it scattered all around. It has two partitions one with XP and one with Vista. Whats the best way to copy all the data to external drive. Will look into the drive what is important and whats not late on. I tried doing copy / Paste and I am not sure if all the data is transferred because there were couple of files that were not being copied. Any idea which software which I use or best practise ?

Data is around 75 gb on two drives combined

I downloaded another one. It created an image. Now have to unzip it . Hope it goes well

if it worked than do share it with me. :P


I used partition thingy and the copy thingy. Loved it . It made a image. So i copied the image into my hard drive of another laptop because it was a single file and then moved it back to the external drive as a recovery. Only problem is that, It deletes all the data on source because it create all the tables and partitions again. If I could just copy the data in a format that we are able to explore it, like we can .iso !

there must be a way to do it though

WHy not create a ghost Image of it and use it on a VM

I use Norton Ghost and its perfect even with both Windows and DOS.

I had to use that hDD on a system where there was not software installed and could not be done tooo