Moving boxes availability in Karachi?

The only suggestions I have had so far has been to visit retailers/department stores and ask them for cartons. If someone can just point me where I could buy some boxes for packing my stuff before moving it would make it so much easier for me.

I am not sure you will find moving boxes per se. I have never seen them even in a place like Metro here. They must have more mega stores like Metro in your city, try your luck there in Office supplies. You can also simply search for "Boxes Karachi" etc. on Yellow Pages site and find a supplier/company who makes plain boxes but again, they won't be good quality. We keep boxes of everything around here... from fridge to milk cardboard boxes, that helped during the move.

there is a shop at pakistan chowk who sells cartons starting price 40-45 ( just bargain with him) plenty of cartons to choose from sizes and quality

the shop is located near the hascol petrol station, dont park your car close to his shop if he sees you in a car he will charge you more

thanks gonna check it out

If you're moving a house, call in the experts.

If just a few things, there is a box seller near Uni Plaza.