Mountain bikes in Karachi - good place for high end models?

Does anyone know where to get a good quality bike from? The few places I saw had decent looking Chinese bikes but they were too heavy and low quality.

same im looking for those thin tyred bikes which are lightweight aswell. i dunno what they are called cuz im quite novice at bicycling. someone knows where to buy those and any rough idea on how much they cost??

Out of curiosity I googled "high end mountain bike" so I checked out brands like Trek and Cannondale etc, their good stuff is like starting with aluminum frame ones is like 2000 dollars plus and then for exotic carbon fiber ones are like 4000 dollars plus. i was like d-a-m-n this much for a mountain bike????? just imagine if these bikes costs so much in USA then any retailer selling here in pakistan surely will charge 25% to 30% premium on top of the USA retail price.

thats some insane amount for a bike that comes with two pedals and doesn't have even have engine...... are you really gonna spend that kind of money?

^ OR since chances are the bikes are made in China, they would be smuggled into Pakistan and sold at a significantly cheaper price!