Motorola xt925


i upgraded xt925 to kitkat from JB as per xda post successfuly but i noticed i was not receiving sms so i tried to change modem through razr toolkit modems but no success then i changed firmware through razr toolkit and decided to put retail brazil but it gave error on 7/22 on rsd lite while doing so phone screen turned off and didnt turn on when i put on charging green led blinks i tried all methods power plus volume up down etc many times but phone doesnt turn on,no fasboot.i showed it to local repairing shop they said its boot is damaged.Please help me to revive my there any mehod to repair boot?i also have tried different 5V chargers thinking about low battery but no success the phone remains dead.simcard and sd card already removed.Help please

I want to send my phone to any country where they can repair motorola phone including hardware and replace parts if necessary.please tell how will it be done from pakistan.

I got a reply from a repairing facility in canada but now problem is how to send phone to canada as courier services do not send and recieve them.please tell any way if you know.