Motorcyle Gear Shifting


I want to know little about motorbike gear shifting. Is it necessary to each time shift gear down on jumps or its just a myth? I know clutch is important because to keep bike's engine running but whats about gear? Someone told me that engine don't get exhaust when we gear down on jumps. By the way, i am learning a bike that's why asking. :)

It will generally depend on how much you had to decrease your speed in the current gear. If you were going at 60 in 4th, and had to slow to 30, you should go down to 3rd. But if you were in 2nd/3rd at 40-50, and had to go down to 30-40, you don't have to gear down.

Another thing which influences gear changes is your driving style. If you drive faster/aggressively, you'll more likely gear down on even smaller speed decrease so you can accelerate faster afterwards.

I actually know all that. I am just curious about jumps.

A lot depend on which type of jump you wanna cross.

There are two types of jumps in PK.

1. Speed Breaker

2. Vehicle Breaker

If you're going to slow down, which is what you would do on a "jump", than you're better off downshifting before you "jump".

Depending on the jump and how much it slows you down, you shift down to the appropriate gear, whatever that is. Which depends on how much power and torque the bike has in the first place... in a modern high power bike you would shift down less than on a 100cc bike...

But if we pass jump with 2nd gear by just holding clutch then? Because 1st gear is very slow and its weird to change gear everytime on jump. But i know we obviously have to change gear when we're in 3rd gear then change it to 2nd or 1st for jump.

is it necessary to shift the gear with foot or can we shift it with hand too ? ;)

^You may try it first and after that tell us about the consequences.

I am not getting any satisfactory answer. :(

I think Asad-Ahmad and KO gave you very satisfactory answers.

Now its up to you.

So is it must to change gear on breakers? I think 2nd gear is fine by holding down clutch. I tried it few times. :D

Just a simple rule for u Sani. Dont use clutch with accelerator. Dost gear up or down with out clutch. Clutch is made to free the bike from engines control only.

Do we have to hold full clutch on jumps or half works?

There is nothing like holding half clutch.You have to hold or press it full while changing the gear..remember one thing while driving don't hold the clutch in half can seize your bike or car clutch plate... chances are that the pressure plate will be effected too & its expensive :D

Then what we do in crowd of traffic? I thought we have to press clutch half to slow down along with brake and then release it to move bike forward. For changing gears, i already know that we have to press clutch fully. :)

Actually, i learned to drive motorbike, only having problem in traffic.

You don't have to press the clutch before the brake.When you press the brake paddle then try to hold the clutch paddle.The bike will stop.First brake then clutch.Press the brake on your own requirement ie hard or low.For the pickup,gradually press the accelerator and gradually release the clutch paddle ...the bike will start its journey with you :P Practice it man ..its gupshup

It is actually advisable to brake first and and not press the clutch with it or before it, as doing so otherwise will increase the risk of locking up your rear tire and making you loose control.

You definitely need to press the clutch when braking has slowed down your engine speed so much that it is about to stall (Or the bike starts to jolt). In heavy traffic you will need to use the clutch a lot when braking and accelerating repeatedly for smooth drive, but those shouldn't be half-presses for most instances (i.e you are riding alone on a horizontal normal road)

I get problem in crowd. Should i change gear to 1st in crowd? Just want to know that how to drive it properly in crowdy road.

Sani why don't you practice a bit in open ground?

I don't think you would even like to be on 1st gear all the time, no matter it's free area or a huge traffic in there. As I think 1st gear is usually used to pick the drive only, you can stay on 2nd gear any way with complete control. I think Asad has given good instructions about all the figures and situations.

Best of the things is true that you must be careful while driving...... but don't ever get worried about how you drive. As I am feeling that you are being so much worried which you really should not. Just concentrate on the situation you get on the road. Shifting gears is completely depends on you that how you feel to go on with a specific shift(already said in above posts), of course with applying the instructions which have been given above already.

And yes if you are really worried and can't get the better of it, then you can also practice in free areas or grounds first but I would say that try to find free roads instead of the grounds. Plus, don't fight with two things simultaneously as you are trying to "learn gear shifting/driving" at one side while having difficulties with "road traffic"... It's good that you try to grip on your drive and control first and then get in the traffic.

Now... don't think about which gear you should be driving on when in huge or low traffic. You will know that when you will have enough control on your drive.