Moto G 4G LTE

I was looking at this phone's specs and reading some reviews. Looks amazing. Being a Motorola phone, will this be hard to find in the market?

^ Nope. Moto G is easily available. In fact there's a huge bulk of illegally shipped Motorola phones available in the market if you wanna buy at low price.

Brand new Moto G will cost around ~20k. For some reason it's priced double here, otherwise it's the cheapest branded kitkat phone in USA AFAIK.

Excuse me, i just learnt that Moto G & Moto G 4G are two different varients of the phone (i originally thought that Moto G supports 4G).

Anyways, i can't seem to find a reliable source online which is selling it in Pakistan at the moment, so you should wait for it to arrive.

Personally i would recommend you to buy something else instead as Moto G is not priced right in our country.

BTW, if anyone wants to go for a high-end Motorola phone, then i suggest that you wait for the Moto X+1 to arrive. It will directly be competing with S5/One M8 with a much more attractive price.

20k for the Moto G 16GB is fair enough. Check the prices mentioned on Motorola's website. ^

^ The phone's just $100 if you buy from Verizon or BM (without-contract). Of course there will be carrier branding and showelware but it's worth the price. See if you can get someone from the US to ship that here for you.

The regular $200 Moto G is not worth the price IMO...

Wow! Thanks, Upsilon.