Motion Ride in Lahore

Is there any place for Motion Ride Adventure game in Lahore. I found it in Islamabad and Mall Murree. Its too much adventurious ride.

Are you asking for wheeling?

I know that it's cruel and sick to laugh at death but I am very happy and laugh when I read in newspaper about any accident and especially death due to wheeling/bike-stunts. They deserve Darwin Awards and they win it. Thanks to all Darwin Award winners who do "wheeling/bike-stunts/illegal-racing", they are making an effort to cleanse gene pool by removing their genes. :lol:

No offense to you. I hope you are not offended because it was NOT directed to you. I hope that members from Lahore will be happy to inform you with good spots in Lahore. Good luck, make us proud :lol:

No man its not wheeling.

Its a 3D Motion Film telecasting in front of you on projector & you are setting on a motion cart like roller coaster having seat belts, Staring with 3D glasses.

Its a 5min trip on 700km speed trip on different themes like Paradise, Jugle kingdom, & many more.

You just imagine you are on reall coaster. Motion Coaster is sycronized with the actual Theme running on projector.

^ There's one in sindbaad, fortress stadium.

Sindbaad Fortress, Pace Model town...and some other joy--lands too.