Motherboard repair shop in ISB + Second hand boards

Does anyone know a reliable and good motherboard repair shop in ISB? And there is a chance that it might not get repaired, In which case i'll need to buy D915GAV from someplace which has old second hand boards. And if you reply after Eid, then suggest shop in lahore instead.

best place to go is Dubai Plaza on muree road but thats in pindi, but going there will b worthwhile

and den goto Omer Computers........they are the best at repairing mobos and have hell lot ov cheap second hand ones too

Thanks Omer. I wish I had the patience to wait one more day, but I bought one yesterday. The guy I went to could not repair the old one (I don't thin he had much experience in repairing either), and I could not find any second hand one, so I had to buy Asus P5GL-MX for 4600 which sucked as I was buying an outdated board, and more dangerous for me in a sense that it is overclocking heaven but prescott is not so much for overclocking. I just hope that I will be able to hold myself and not touch those settings :)