Most popular ISPs of Pakistan?

Where can i find details of most used ISPs of Pakistan, percentage of users? Is there any official source?

If not, are there any estimates?

u may get the statistics from PTA's website...but i'm not sure about it...


ISPAK website might have current internet user stats. There are some listing compiled by CIA, UN, etc too so it is worth it to look 'em up.

you can get the details from PTA's website but i m not sure that it's publicly displayed. Though, my vote goes to Linkedin and it's the best ISP for me. :)

ptcl is best ISP in Pakistan

If landline is ok, PTCL is the best.

For Wireless (Karachi) : Mobilink Infinity is better option

rest of Pakistan: PTCL EVO

I was trying looking for a percentage users out of the total users type thing.

Wont need it anymore, we made false predictions on our own instincts (:


My instincts were,

Local cable 32%

PTCL 30%

Wateen 20%

Witribe 8%

Worlcall 4%

Mobilink 3%

Lindotnet 3%

I know this may not represent the factual popularity, its just what i thought of in limited time.

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These are the best ISPs in Pakistan:


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