Monitor not storing channels using danny tv device

Salam all members,

i am using danny tv device on one monitor. It work fine but it do not store most channels. Like some channels are stored and some channels give message - signal out of reach - i can hear sound but no picture and when i switch off danny device and switch it on again i can see that channel.

I tried it with my monitor connected to my PC and it work fine there. But it do not work with other monitor. Both monitors are CRT.

Any help or suggestion? Is it frequency problem or some thing else. How to resolve this, kindly help. Thank you very much.

I have not used any TV device like Danny or any other else, but I will try to analyze your problem.

Logically it should be the job of Danny TV device to remember and store the channels. This feature should not have anything to do with monitor.

But as you stated that it works on your PC's monitor, this thing makes me curious.

Does Danny device have VGA output ? What other connections you have to connect ?

Can you post any web link of Danny TV device specifications ?