Modem Status Miracle

couple of mins before i was playing with my blue led mouse light which i broke decided to lit it with me telephone line...when i connected that was lightened but my modem dsl light started to blink means very less current was coming....i saw adsl status...and snr was N/A...(modem was dissconnected) after a min....i removed that

tiny bulb and modem was connected but when i saw my stats i was bamboozled :

ADSL Mode Setup Auto Sync-Up Annex Type Setup ANNEX A/L

Current ADSL Mode ADSL2 PLUS Current Annex State ANNEX_A

ADSL Up Time 0:00:58 System Up Time 0:01:28

Downstream Rate 4096 Upstream Rate 966

Latency Type Interleaved Line Coding trellis on

SNR Margin US/DS 8.5 / 25.2 Line Attenuation US/DS 24.0 / 48.0

Power US/DS 12.3 / 18.3 Attainable Down Speed 12356

Link Up Times 1 Line State Showtime

(I am on 1mb student package)

What caused it????Atleast a miracle could solve ptcl snr issues....lolx

IMO, it has nothing to do with connecting an LED to phoneline

And now see ptcl miracle numbers in bill. LMAO.

What were your SNR n line attenuation values before?

Previous SNR=6.3-7

Line Att.=52

I have the same values! =/ I might try the same experiment =P DO you see any real improvements now in stability?

Can it cause problems if we use the telephone line to draw more current than normal? i.e, connect a small bulb / LED ? Firecruz?

I am having no problems.....& browsing speed is also increased and modem is also now stabled...

The improved stats are now constant? Or the values go back when you remove the LED?

these are constant

You should invest your time in more productive activities (ones that do not include fraud by ratification;))..U can be an inventor one day:p