Mobilink's New Coverage Ad

i saw Mobilink's new coverage ad (Crying Hippo) on TV my opinion, its much better than the previous looks good to me.. Wat say you folks??

kya drama hai

this is a tech forum not a TV comercials discussion forum

of tomorow u ll make a thread tht pepsi iz pepsifying people

what is ur opinion??

stop this bullshit

or explain tht how that add is related to TECH

DAHHH!! dude this forum is a telecom forum and the ad i was talkign about is a telecom company's ad...this aint bullshit..and if you are a techy, you are wasting your time in telecom section...get a life..

c'mon i dont wana be in a silly fight with a no0b

i am frm abt 2 years at this forum

and i know what kinda things are discussed here

so now better just click the delete topic button

I haven't seen it yet but what's so special in it that it was worthy of being in the spotlight? Any youtube video?

Topic moved to the right forum.