Mobilink launches first Android Phone in Pakistan

Quite old news but I think worth to post at WP for Android lovers.

The Motorola Milestone (Motorola Droid in US).

To mention that the phone is factory updated with Android 2.1 which was having competitively major offerings of Android after 2.0.

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................ Mobilink is offering FREE GPRS for 3 months with the purchase of every handset!

I am happy with this official launch of an Android phone in Pakistan. I'll look forward for HTC to get in with other providers. It's gonna be tough competition for Nokia now in Pakistan, I guess.

Forgot to mention price with this offer from Mobilink. It's Rs.38000/- with free GPRS for 3 months.

I am glad to know about this official launch of an Android phone in Pakistan. Well yes no doubt it will a tough competition for Nokia's "half baked" smart phones....

personally I will prefer this smart phone over iPhone, N8 or X10 ...

lol on "GPRS for 3G phone. "

besides that well this is good news android is pretty d-a-m-n good mobile phone OS, i love it. i really would like to see android phones from HTC they make some fantastic android phones.

I'd love to get HTC Magic/HTC Hero locally, even if carrier locked.

That's great! I hope they launch their newer models as well soon...

Motorola Droid 2 is about to launch and they finally bring the old Droid.

^ Yeh! Ofcourse, but they obviously would want to experiment with a bit cheaper device to check customers' responses. Which I think is not even bad. It always be like that a device launched later or earlier in diffrent regions.

But I also do want them to keep up the pace with newer devices as well as diffrent brands.

I'm actually considering buying this. Its not locked on mobilink is it?

^ It should be locked, if you think logically. Mobilink is the exclusive partner in launching this phone. I am pretty sure they won't let it go unlocked. They might have the same policy as with Blackberry regarding locked status. They, however, didn't mention it on the Milestone page.

You should talk to help line for further information about locked/unlocked status.

This set has high radiation level, check out this link

How much is the phoine for without the mobilink

^ It won't take place in market with official warranties, unless sold by Mobilink according to the nature of business.

Currently, I guess, there won't be any factory unlocked Droid1/Milestone in market in Pakistan. They must be locked, as arrived with some one from abroad and might have been unlocked manually as usually it happens. They might be less in price than Mobilink is offering on.

can someone confirm whether this is locked to mobilink network or not

^ You can directly contact to their help line and ask for the same question..

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^ You can directly contact to their help line and ask for the same question…

I will, but if they say its unlocked, I wont believe them. It is mobilink we’re talking about here :P

Just take a couple of sims with you and test it out, though do be careful as this set has high radiation levels which is not good for health.

the phone is not can use it with any network

38K sounds a bit too much

Any review about the phone?

I was planning to buy it with full of my mind prepared. But a fellow of mine in Mobilink just flagged it as a red and advised me not to go for it. He is not techy about mobile phones or gadgets, I am sure he advised on the base of visual quality, finishing and/or touch screen usability and blah blah...

Would any one want to add any thing negative or positive about it?

>>> I recently came to know that the phone is locked to Mobilink and can not be used with other network operator.

You can check out some reviews on YouTube. See a review by a guy called jon4lakers. I remember him recommending it highly.