Mobilink Infinity Unlimited

Just saw on their site, Infinity is now unlimited too.

But with the FAIL of "Fair usage policy applies on Unlimited packages." :D

fair use policy is for to ensure that customers receive the level of service they expect. it means no lags no slow downs no loads

Understand Fair use policy

Finally they got the bandwidth pool to go "infinity".I might consider returning back to their services.


What are the monthly charges. Website showing 1100/- for 512Kbps not sure they added telephony and CPE rent charges in it?

my qubee is already unlimited.....

Can you download torrents with this service !?!?

Bro you can download from torrents from any ISP unless you are behind a proxy or ISA Server

Infinity Optimum (Unlimited data) packages allows uploads, downloads, data transfer and Internet surfing without any cap. However, Mobilink Infinity reserves the right to suspend the services of the customer involved in making excessive use of, or placing unusual burdens on, the network or with data consumption exceeding 30GB during one billing cycle