Mobilink Infinity or PTCL Evo - which one to get?

I need a reliable internet service. Right now I'm on Cable net which is poor.

I'm trying to narrow it down to which one I need to get.

Any suggestions.

Here's my collective reasoning so far.


1) Has a 15 GB which is enough, but what does one do in case of a billing error, there was a bad post on that in this forum.

2) CPE password not being given to us, I don't like that, if we buy something, it's ours completely.

3) Security deposit of Rs2500. I hate security deposits. Mainly cause you have to go through a war to get them back in Pakistan. There's not much one can do legally. So I've found it best just to avoid stuff like deposits as much as I can.

4) I dont' know if we get our own ip like regular ISP's or are we just another node on a network.

5) Will internet connection sharing be hard to configure if we're just another node on a network, cause I have 2 computers which share an internet connection.

6) Is the 15 GB cap on Downloads only or the total of Downloads and Uploads? This question remains unanswered.

No on the other side of the coin, most everybody has said the service is good, speed is good, downloads is good and uploads is kinda slow.


1) I read one post in which the USB Evo device failed upon bringing it home and he was told that he would have to fork out another Rs6000 and buy a new one. So basically I'm assuming that we buy that thing AS IS with no warranty whatsoever.

2) I've seen some complaints on how low the speed is. But for some people it's working alright. I just can't really figure out what's accurate or what the performance would be like in my area.

On the contrary, there's no Cap on the Data, it's unlimited and people have posted good speed tests.

Who knows, I'm just trying to make up my mind on what I should get.

Please give your feedback as well.



1) I bought PTCL EVO 2 days ago (i tested signals in my area with a friend's USB first). I discussed this device failing issue with Divisional engineer of exchange (very cooperative). He said unofficially we will do that, if you return it in 15 days.

My friend was given an unofficial 24 hours testing period.

And I believe another guy on this forum said he got a 15 days warranty period too.

2) Do yourself a favor, try getting PTCL EVO from a friend, relative and check that out in areas you will work in. All depends upon signal strength, BTS load. Only testing in your area will confirm that.


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2) Do yourself a favor, try getting PTCL EVO from a friend, relative and check that out in areas you will work in. All depends upon signal strength, BTS load. Only testing in your area will confirm that.


I wish I could do that Owais.

ALL of my relatives have the landline PTCL DSL, but I don’t have a phone that’s why I need to go wireless.

Anybody here in the Aisha Manzil, Mukka chowk area willing to give me a 10 min test?? :)

I could bring my laptop downstairs and test it right there.

i have got ptcl evo yesterday but i havnt seen any quality in it i dont know about infinity but my ptcl evo is just giving me 40 kb download and 10 kb upload max

now a days i am feeling a good result by my evdo

go for mobilink infinity .

Look at my experience:-

Use EVO for 20 days and returned it!


bcoz getting slow speed like 60 to 80Kbyte MAXIMUM

even u r on 1st floor..

Package r so much worst... 1GB or 2GB otherwise unlimited in 2000Rs

3rd big reason...i have some health issue with wifi, when i on it i feel weakness and something is moving on left side of chest... i dont know (but a person from PTCL has confirmed that some of its users have same issue)

3rd issue is not a reason (its always with me when i on WIFI router or net)

So this is my experience ...!

not sure about Mobilink...

PTCL better than Mobilink Infinity


Complaint handling is good. Reliable than ptcl, using it for 2 years now.


Big white elephant but for EVO, still its a fail product in majority of areas in karachi, not sure about other cities.

PTCL EVO is good

Lot of dis-connectivity. Not good quality.

PTCL EVO is best if it works :P


if you get good signal and not too much evo using in your area than you will got very excellent speed else EVO may not good.