Mobilink Infinity Free for 30 days

Mobilink Infinity brings offer to its customers who are using 256K package.

These customers can upgrade there package to any higher package uptill 1MB 15GB for 1 Month without any extra charges. after 30 days you can revert back to 256K.

So enjoy Free 1MB 15GB for a month without extra charges.

Mobilink infinity Helpline 111-300-369


but upgrade after 26th ;)

great policy of infinity , when ppl will b use to of 1 mbps (as this is a great speed and quality pkg , i m using this 1mbps pkg since long) and when they will revertto 256 kbps then they will feel tht they are using dial up :) so chances are that the users will upgrade to 1 mbps pkg in near future.

This is smart play :)

i have upgrade my speed only...

I am checking that with 512, 5gb is enough for me or not :D