Mobilink Infinity Customer service

Internet services in this country keep surprising me. I have a Mobilink Inifinity as a backup connection which wasn't working for a couple of months due to no signal, and many complaints and visits and Mobilink couldn't figure out why it wasn't working.

My guess was there was a problem with the tower since the box had been happily working for months in the same spot, so either the box was bad or the tower.... and they refused to consider the tower could be bad.

So after two months, they finally realized the wimax system in the tower wasn't working!

I wonder what kind of NOC do they have which doesn't even tell them such basic stuff, and what kind of troubleshooting these guys do...

They must be knowing the issue but not willing to resolve it. That is how the services work in Pakistan. Once you are out of luck its pretty difficult to get the issue resolved most of the time.