Mobilink Infinity, Connectivity issue

Hi all,

I have been using mobilink infinity for last 6 months without any issues,

Now for last 2 days i am facing problem on Infinity Device (Siemens),

1- No signals on device (already try changing positions)

2- ONLINE and LAN indicators on device un-stable

3- Cable disconnect appears on system, and auto tries to connect (cable is OK)

anyone have same issue or solution, please guide...

Thanks in advance


m8 its working perfect with me,no signals issue or connectivity issue.

Its device fault, i guess bcoz i have checked it in my office too and now i am going to Infinity customer care center...

yes tht seems a device proplem , no connectivity issue at my end , innfact the speed is enhanced now a days and the ping rate is also boosted.

Yes it was Device problem,

I went to their CCS, and they throw me out and said a person will visit you... :(

and a person come to me and replaced my device with other used device... :)

now i will check it and let you know, as i am in office now...

New device is working fine now :)


is that ok?

i think Ping and upload speed is very bad

its working fine dear.