Mobilink infinity bought through viper

i bought a mobilink infinity device through viper reseller but its not registered on my name, i contacted that person so many times but he always gave me so many excuses now device is registerd on viper name now please tell me how can i register to my name.


Go to Mobilink Office at Shahra e Faisal with your NIC and the Purchase Invoice of Viper, and ask them to transfer to you name.

IT should be a simple process, i guess.


thanks for your reply but the problem is i called mobilink infinity helpline they said u should contact viper n they gave me some mobile numbers but no one pickd a call on these number they said this connection registerd on viper so u have to contact viper ....

If you are in karachi, visit Viper office, dont waste your time,

Mobilink Infinity Business Partner

Viper Technology (Pvt.) Ltd.

49C, Phase II Extension,

Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

UAN: 111 11 47 47

If they dont help, goto PTA official website and launch a complaint against mobilink infinity, 100% Results gurantee.


thanks a lot bro i will try