Mobilink Infinity Billing

Please share your billing experiance with Mobilink Infinity, how accurate they are?

Does they accept all or specific credit cards for monthly deduction?

dont know about credit cards acceptance but the billing is fine .

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dont know about credit cards acceptance but the billing is fine .

Thanks for your reply,

Regarding Credit Card i have come to know that they dont charge security deposit, if you are a credit card holder. any idea?

Ok, I have bought one, and yes they dont charge Security Deposit from a credit card holder.

I am the recent Victim of Mobilink Infinity Billing. I am using mobilink infinity account for last 6-7 Months. Last Month they charged me 1700 Rs extra in Voice Calls, There is no phone line connected with the device. but as per Customer Support that they investigated and it's only possible if I make these calls or i shared my password. This Month i am infomred that the Bill is over 5000 Rupees and nobody is there to help neither on their HelpLine not from their Quality Dept. They are saying that there is no contact person for such issues and your concerns and complains will be forwarded to concerned dept. Another issue there is that they don't provide any service to find the usage of voice call during the month so if your account is being misused you will know that after one month when you will be chaged. So in Billing i will rate Mobilink Infinity as Worst and their Customer Support as Below Average,

Zaid Ansari

^ Do not pay them. Threaten them with lawsuit.

Go and launch a comlplaint, it will gona work :cool:

mobilink infinity is also taking an action regarding the outstanding amount holder.Court is sending notice to customer those did not pay mobilink infinity bill for 3 to 4 months.if you have any issue then send a mail to is complain depart email.they will help you and reply you regarding your problem.And infinity also send msg when your are exceeding from 70 % of your utilization.

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Go and launch a comlplaint, it will gona work :cool:

yes , go for it

monthly charges??????????????

received WRONG bill this month from infinity !

just sent an email to correct the same. lets see.

also the data limit is again 15 GB ! and their website is still saying it is 30 gb !!

last month they billed me wrong and when i complained to pta they issued me a credit note of 389 Rupees that it was charged by a computer mistake ! huh !

Someone told me that infinity stopped their double volume promotion previous month. To confirm i checked the site, but looks like promotion is still there. I saw ads/banners.

yes and i have complained to PTA in this matter , and PTA has taken the action regarding this fake ad thing !

this is the email i sent to infinity yesterday regarding the practice that they call to customers and ask to pay the bill before last date !

Hi infinity , my ID is 614****

i would like to let you and others know about the pathetic practice of mobilink infinity regarding bill collection !

before i start , let me know WHY IS THE LAST DATE OF BILL IS MENTIONED ON THE BILL ??

ofcourse that this would b the last date and if some one is not submitting the same he should contacted thru email / phone etc AFTER THAT DATE . and WHAT IF INIFINITY CALLS ME AND BOTHERS ME THAT SUBMIT THE BILL BEFORE LAST DATE BLA BLA ?????

Get some ethics , you are not a small ISP , you are running a reputable WIMAX services under the great name of mobilink !

kindly note DONT CALL ME BEFORE LAST DATE of billing or i would consider that call in spam .

why you people take the security deposit then ??

i m allowing you to instantly close my connection if my credit limit is exceeding (which is not the case right now and never it happened chk the history of billing ) . but DONT BOTHER ME calling and reminding not only my mobile but also on my PTCL !

BULL #$%#

ref: i got the call on my 0300------- yesterday and the person was so fu****** bull #$%# and he doesnt know how to talk with customers .

my harsh language is the consequence of the practice infinity is adopting .

Nadeem Ahmed

hahahah now tis month i receive again the wrong bill ! i used just 12 GB and the bill i received is 2240 !!!!

i think mobilink infinity is not a good choice any more , m again searching for the good wimax provider . with a handsome download limit . what about wateen ??

any comments ??

Dear Customer,

This is with reference to your email dated March 02, 2011 regarding billing issue against USER ID 9221*******. Sir, we wish to express our sincere apology as this untimely event was caused by a matter that we could not have anticipated but feel deeply responsible for. We do understand that this error must have caused a lot of inconvenience to you. Please note that we are giving you an adjustment (credit note) of Rs. 690/- which will reflect in your next invoice.

We will duly be taking care of all your concerns as you are a valued member of the Mobilink Family. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us at in case you require further assistance.

Assuring you of our best services at all times.


Mobilink Infinity Customer Care

Tel: 111 300 369 (From other Telecom Operators)

Mobile: 369 (From Mobilink GSM Numbers)



Just received a wrong bill,

I am using 6GB/512KB connection, and consumed only 4.9GB and

they charged for over usage of 200 mb :lol: