Mobilink - Human Resource

Dear all,

I hope most of us are really frustrated by the current job situation in Pakistan. And in this competitive market it gets even more frustrating when the real job selection is base on references not merit. I always wondered why big companies do not take any initiative to remove such a practice from the society and promote fair selection along with talent recognition.

However, I was amazed to see the initiative taken by Mobilink in this regard, promote the merit based selection by inviting both young and experienced people to join their organization through their new Human Resource campaign. They believe to bring a change in the society and want the talented people to come forth and become the part of this change. In my opinion it is about time that other organizations should start doing the same, to add to the benefit of the working class.

To apply and to be part of the change you can visit the website. I hope it will be worth your time:

Best of luck

r u their employee?

Anocules seems to be in love with Mobilink...

yeah he is a diehard Mobilink fan and their loyal employee...stop promoting your company can openly admit here that you are a mobilink employee and we can send all mobilink's crappy queries to you :) instead of calling their helpline and get charged Rs0.75/min... :)