Mobilink daily spamming messages. Ahhh!

Anybody knows if there is a way to avoid mobilink's daily spamming bursts.

I am getting 15-20 msgs daily of new offers.

Cant really know if the mobile is beeping bcoz of spamming or is it really an important msg.


You mean promotional messages from Mobilink itself or junk messages from unknown numbers?

If getting promotional messages then you can call helpline and ask them to block them.

But if getting messages from unknown numbers then you really don't have any option to block them. I had my Telenor SIM on which I used to receive 10-15 messages daily (like tutor academy, beauty parlor, shopping discounts...etc). I had to stop using that SIM only because of those messages.

As Dilbar Jani said, promotional messages can be blocked simply by calling customer support officer and asking them to turn off promotional messages.

Another simply way to block any messages from any specific numbers is to install a SMS blocker app (requires smartphone) and add the desired numbers on it (some phone's have this feature built-in).


If you have Android phone then you can download any of the numerous apps that can block and blacklist phone number who are sending you spam SMS. And for those which doesn't show phone numbers, filter them with text from the messages. That's how I do it. It will take about 4 to 5 days to add to blacklist and filter out all spam messages and after that it's peaceful with occasional addition to blacklist or filter once in a while.

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Thanks folks For your help I really appreciate

To avoid most of promotional msgs
Send an sms to 3627
Must not write any thing just a blank SMS
U will get a reply
After few min to make sure it worked reply with 1
At this stage u will get the confirmation that promotional msgs are already blocked.

Hope it would help.

I was also very bothered by it. I simply called them and asked to block, not i dont receive any more.

I called warid three times for this. Asked them not to send these promotional msgs. But still getting.

It is really annoying

Spamming customers shouldn’t b allowed