Mobile Youtube App (connection time out error)

Dear All,

i want to see you tube videos by using telenor edge and my home access point. but videos dont play on both! i have updated firmware of N95 8gb to (V20.0.016) 28-02-08 RM 320. and installed you tube application. the application runs fine but when i start playing any video after come time i get an error (connection to video streaming server timed out).

i have searched alot on many blogs and have made all necessary changes like. changing real player network settings-> default access point to Telenor Internet,

similarly also changing to my home wireless access point when using wifi network. but nothing works.

similarly i have also tried by changing real player streaming settings->proxy by turning it on and off but it never works.

i can download videos from internet but whenever i use youtube it fails both on youtube mobile app and video centre.

please help me on this!

same Here.I Reckon edge iz slow

but what about wifi...i have 1mb broadband connection connected to wifi device.

if its slow then it shouldnt download videos from other websites... but it does only is the problem with youtube.

wifi is 2good search google for your problem

i watch videos on my n82 with my 512kbps wifi connection , and it plays well without any interuption. May be their is problem with ur handset. When u upgrade its firmware , did u reset it by formatting ? It is compulsary for the new firmware to work properly . I was also facing problems after upgrading my n82 , then i saw this opinion of formatting phone after upgrading firmware , i did it and now my n82 is as smooth as silk ! Try it , u will fell better. trust me !