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Can someone illustrate how the mobile TV content provision process works? Most of the content is foreign. whether is provided through satellite or through video streaming. How PEMRA regulations apply on this process? thanks

Mobile TV content provisioning process???

I am not sure what do you really want to ask. elaborating this might help some one more to understand.

any ways. what ever I got from your query. I'd try to answer as below.

PEMRA has licensing authority on delivering and viewing TV programming (via satellite, cable, IP TV, Mobile TV, etc..) but they do not have any relation with the providers when the content is delivered via the Internet or GPRS. but in the aspect of Mobile TV and IP TV, PEMRA owns the authority to license delivering the TV Channels over the GPRS or Broadband Internet respectively. but besides the TV Channels what ever you have access to, on the internet (e.g. video streaming, individual content provided by specific ISP or a Mobile Network, internet surfing, etc...) is not restricted by PEMRA. PTA takes care of all the other content deliverable over the Internet or via the Telecommunication in Pakistani territories

for more details the content provided on their websites might be helpful.

by Content provisioning process i mean if the content is transferred from abroad to local mobile operator for distribution to mobile subscribers there are two ways (1) content is provided via satellite i.e. delinked from the reciever installed at mobile operator (2) content is provided through dispactch of video packets over Internet protocol? In which senario PEMRA regulations apply with regard to (a) Landing Rights of channels and (B) mobile tv conent distribution license by the mobile operator.

I think both senarios are being operated in Pakistan. Telenor and Mobilink are obtaining content via satellite whereas warid is obtaining conent via IP (as you may be aware of their arrangement with ROK entertainment-but i dont have much info about this arrangement -just came to know about it).

I hope you will be in a position to better guide me.

I think my last answer just reflects for your interest.

what ever the medium is, if the Mobile Operator delivers the television content to its subscribers, then the PEMRA would license them for this activity(specific to the tv content like tv channels). Plus the Operator has to avail the re-broadcast authorization from the original owner of the Channels. if they obtain it directly from the Channel Sources.

and adding your last post, where you did ask about the content like video streaming. technically the TV Content is also currently delivered to the subscribers as streamed over the GPRS/EDGE. but they are specific to be in place for the subscriber's interest. and PEMRA licenses for the TV content that is being delivered.

but if we talk about the other video streaming like we use the Internet/GPRS/EDGE to watch videos published by any website like youtube. then we are just surfing the internet to our own choice. and the PEMRA is not the one licensing the operator for this content. but the PTA has already a license agreement with the Operators for the GPRS/EDGE facility.

and about ROK Entertainment, or ROK TV. they are a third party (a UK based company, operating internationally) and as far as I know they have legal right to re-broadcast in Pakistan. and ofcourse these authorization and licensing matters(for electronic media) are conducted by PEMRA. I also have heard about the bad relation between PEMRA and Telenor when they was launching the Mobile TV very first time.

I hope it answers your query.

Pakistan Broadcasting Experience Limited (PBE) has been given license by PEMRA & PTA for provisioning of TV channel contents on mobile phones. Test launch of the service has been started and is expected that transmission of TV channels to public will resume before ICC world cup 2011. The service is EDGE ready and I have personally experienced the broadcast, streaming was perfect with no glitches and proper voice and video sync. Delay/lack was observed to be of approximately 6-8 seconds, which is tolerable. I would rate their test run to be A-Plus and can be compared to any international mobile TV transmission.

what is its website address for accessing tv on mobile


yup same question here. I have never heard of any world cup coverage on mobiles this time in Pakistan. Seriously man I wanna know about it.

mobilink tv has geo super, that will telecast all world cup matches