Mobile Phones with Gyro Sensors

mujhay aisay mobile phones k make or model pata kerna hai jis mein Gyro or Compass sensors mojood ho.
please agar ho sake to price k saath bata dein.

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sorry for that.
i have used English language in my previous topics (topic: Which mobile set I have to buy? please guide) before 12 days, this one created may be most of the people are not replying due to failed to understand what i want to know … anyway
I need to know about the mobile devices comes with Gyro and Compass sensors as I want to have Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) especially for my cute daughters who are much excited.
I bought Mi Redmi 4A but some problems faced and want to have another reliable device for my kids to enjoy and learn through various VR and AR apps / games.
I think now i have cleared.