Mobile Phone screen scratch removers

They're easily available in large countries, and the Internet, but i was wondering if they're available here in Pakistan? If so, I've got the following questions.

1. Do they even really work?

2. Where to buy them?

3. Whats their price?

4. The ones that are available here, are they branded or local? or are both available?

5. Displex is a very famous brand, is it available here? If so, at what price?

scratch can be remove with polish ? ask this question to any car denter

1 No

BTW, i read on the Internet that applying toothpaste on the scratches via a q-tip helps decrease the scratches due to the mild abrasives in the toothpaste, but it sounds a bit idiotic to me, should i try it out?

BTW, the phone is a Touch-Screen, thus I'm a bit more concerned.


Is it a plastic screen or the glass one? I don't see plastics anymore unless its a resistive one.

The new touchscreens come with the new scratch resistant gorilla glass. Even if you try to bend or scratch with a sharp object, it won't scratch. I've seen a video of someone trying to scratch a galaxy ace with a kitchen knife and it hadn't a scratch on it :P. But I certainly wouldn't encourage anyone to try.

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Is it a plastic screen or the glass one? I don’t see plastics anymore unless its a resistive one.


Well, it is resistive, not sure about plastic or glass though.

The scratches are soft ones, not hard ones.

Also, does these scratches decrease the response of the touch-screen?

Get a new phone with tempered glass screen and become scratch proof. Or buy a Protective Film Sticker. I am using one provided by LG on my KU990R since 2.5 years and it still works great even after the film got some major scratches.