Mobile phone management software

I'm looking for a replacement to the Sony Ericsson Mobile Suite which is very buggy and just doesn't work!

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I have a SE W200i.

What can U do from softwares?You use softwares for ringtones or else. Then i can help you :cool:

lol man sell ur cell phone >s.e is always bugy :P.. if u are talking bout their pc suite thn its kinds bugy but update it and it will fix.. my cousin had a w710i and he wantd me to put some songs in his cellphone.. i downloaded the new software and it workd... does ur phone suports file transfer mode? if yes thn select tht when u conect to pc and copy whatever u want in the memory card and discosct the cable. i hope this helps :)

I would suggest you to remove the mobile suite as it's crappy and useless. Instead just install clean fresh drivers for your phone if you connect it through USB cable, and no need for any driver installation if you connect through bluetooth or IR, just install proper drivers for your IR or bluetooth dongle. For SE phones, you can use latest version of float's Mobile Agent or MyPhoneExplorer. Both are freeware and have good features. I recommend using FMA.

And I find SE phones better than Nokia phones, which provide better features at same or even less cost than Nokia phones. I don't hate Nokia but I don't like their premium pricing strategy.

Well the PC Suite makes backups of my contacts, notes, calendars, etc. on to my PC so in case of theft (Allah na kare!) I at least won't lose my data. :) File management is easy, done normally via windows explorer so thats no problem. SE's PC Suite really is useless - half the time it can't detect my phone when its connected.

Thanks for the suggestion unikorn, I'll try out FMA.

And personally I like SE and Motorolla better than the others. I just think they look better! :P

I think FMA will do all that stuff for you, and it's a really good open source program. There's even support for running various scripts (which I don't know how to use, and have never used it :P).

I use the default SE PC Suite for my K550i. Used to use it from me ex-phone K510i too.

And believe me, I haven't had any bugs with it. I too use it for backup of my phone contacts.

I tried out both of unikorn's suggestions and I found MyPhoneExplorer better (looking). No doubt FMA is a stronger app with the custom scripts and all (though I don't know what they are for).

Though neither of these seemed to be able to backup my Notes from the Organizer...

I use it on Vista no problems may be u are using outdated verion or incompatability of your Phone.

You tried Oxygen?

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You tried Oxygen?

Nope. I went to the site, saw it was paid software and left. :P

LOL!! That is exactly what I did....

Then I looked on the wares site for cracked versions but could not find any for Symbian. :(

Has anyone here used Oxygen and any feedback?

oxygen is good one, but i think it's not for SE phones, mainly for Nokia phones. I used its old versions when I had a nokia phone. Don't know about the newer ones, but you can search it on a torrent search engine. Try isohunt for example. I found version on the first search page for 'Oxygen' string, which is for symbian phones. is not for symbian. I have a nice crack for that. Symbian is

Can anyone please tell me good management software for Nokia 5310 XpressMusic?

you can try Oxygen fone manger

may be , that will help You !

I am getting sick of Mobiles.

For sony ericsson phones, nothing is better than myphoneexplorer. It's an amazing piece of software. And the guy that has made it frequently updates it.

My Phone explorer is the best for sony ericsson phones


What do you mean by phone management software? Why they are used?