Mobile Apps needed! With Cracks or symbian signed

As it says up there. This forum needs some mobile apps to be talked about and precisely

Smart Phones and stuff like that.

so plzz lemme know About the s60 v 3 mobiles games and apps links. or names.

that would b helpful to every one.

man you can get very kind of sysmbian cracked app from here:

well there are many cracked application out dere but not signed ofcourse and doesn,t allow u now to sign any of applications so the method is to hack ur firmware as i done with my nokia n95 basically patching ur firmware to sign any application or give all permissions to install any application

Did u check www.imserba.Com?This site has a treasure of sis files crackd&includes all nokia symbian series&platforms.

Thanx .. Keep it coming i mean .. i need more links..

and choclate(yummy) can u tell me what u mean by hacking and patching the firmware thing.

i kind of lost it there??

or you can sign apps yrself using MobileSigner, various methods on the net available.