MNP problem

I tried posting out to Ufone from Warid..I have a post paid number..

I checked with the warid people,they assured me I don't have any billing settlements or anything else which would bare me from porting out..

Then..They (warid CS)assured me the request has been "approved"..Now 3 days after they have "approved" my request Ufone people tell me they have rejected it on the grounds that the "data" does't match..

And here is the most weird part..I called the warid helpline..They refuse that a request was made at the first place..I called them more then three time and they refuse such a request has been made..I even have an sms from 321 saying my MNP request has been recieved..


Raise hell and get someone at the top in the customer center to respond.

Thats right. I would also recommend to raise hell.

one of my friend have same problem from mobilink indigo.

they don't want to let port their post paid customers......

And carbon-copy the letter (if any) to the PTA.

You'll see how quick things take place then.

(by experience... on a different issue, but related with telecom)

you would have definetly recieved a hard copy of forum from Ufone so show it to both of the companies and yeah also complain to the PTA. tested with 100% result.

PTA complaint page: