Misri Shah, Defence, Karachi PTCL branch wreaking havoc!

Guys i live in Khe-e-tariq and..my nets been disconnected for a almost a week now, although its weird my Smart TV is working fine :S

The thing is my PTCL broadband Huawei EchoLife HG510 modem shows ADSL as stable(green light shown) but the internet is powered off(no light at all).

I've complained dozens of times but those lazy asses won't do a thing! They always complain its the Misri Shah branch which has problems. I'm kinda thinkin' of switchin from PTCL to somethin else, or if you guys think theres a another way out of this then please help me out!

^ Yeah I was having the same problems and I'm on the same exchange.

It might be an authentication issue, so you need to get it fixed from PTCL.

I complained on 1218 and got the issue fixed.

Probably port hung.

this is a very specific issue...lyk first the DSLAM is working thts shown by the stable DSL lyt then IPTV is working tht makes the traffic going out of the exchange working fine. Now the port hang issue is mostly exchange oriented and port specific. Get the DSL officer working on it. And consistently call 1218..don't drop your complain unless it gets working back to normal.

Im also living at kh-e-tariq.. the internet was off for 3 days at my end. Working fine now

yea its just got fixed for me too. Had to go complain to Misri Shah department to get it done, those !@#$%^&* made me wait a whole week!

I have subscribed for a 4Mbps connection but for the past 4 days it seems like my speed has been capped to 2Mbps.. Is anyone else from Misri Shah exchange facing similar problem?

bro post Line stats...!check out PTCL Speedtest thread for better understanding