Microsoft Visual Studio Team System

Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management consists of four products:

* Visual Studio, which provides an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for development and client side interfaces for the other products.

* Visual Studio Test Professional, which provides an IDE for software testers to create and execute tests.

* Team Foundation Server, which provides Source Code collaboration and data storage.

* Visual Studio Lab Management, which provides a way for software testers to create and manage virtual environments.

Please tell me any one used this Software. As we need Team Foundation Server for Source Code Versioning Control and possibly VS Test Professional.

Is it available free.

I've used Team Foundation Server and Visual studio. And no, they are not available free.

Only the 'Express' versions are available for free, which are just watered down version of the IDE only.

The 'Premium Version' includes all of the above tools and costs around $5,500 (

Either that, or you can get a MSDN subscription which includes all of the above tools. The cost of the MSDN subscription depends on the size of your organization. If it's small enough you can get a 'Bizspark' MSDN subscription for just $100 dollars a year (

AFIAK the only free way you can get access to MSDN is if you are a Microsoft MVP.

IMO for source control at least you are better off going with a SVN or Git solution. TFS source control was ok, but it's pretty resource hungry and it also requires a fair amount of configuring.

Of course, this being Pakistan, you could also just get it off a torrent or something as well. :D

Team Foundation Server has come a long way from VSS but i suggest if your project or team is not big enough go for an open source solution for versioning. Never used Test Professional and Lab Management so cant tell anything about it.

None are free ecept VS Express editions

Thanks. Actually we are using VSS 6.0d, although it is very good with code.

But we have to maintain other CI's which includes Planning Docs, Uses cases, SRS,Test cases & bla bla (In Word, excel files). So when their versioning takes places. Repo backup size goes over 2GB at one stage. Which is non- recoverable.

Please suggest any CMS with having good GUI for user just like VSS. Because PM,Analyst,QA,QC and CM works directly on Docs and they dont need Development IDE.

Recommend any good GUI SVN Client, although we are using Tortise SVN client but it has no IDE.

Which also support Eclipse IDE for developers.