Microsoft pulled off a Sony... Nokia Lumia is now Microsoft Lumia

Just like Sony removed Ericsson from their smartphone brand. Now Microsoft is erasing Nokia from it's smartphone brand too. All future Nokia Lumia devices will be called Microsoft Lumia... Yep, Nokia may be going away for good this time... Feature phones have lost a chunk of demand, so the only real hope for their brand-name to survive is if they continue to make Nokia X devices.

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<strong>It's official - Lumia phones will be branded 'Microsoft Lumia'</strong>

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The Nokia Lumia brand is no more – from now on there will only be Microsoft Lumia. However the Nokia phone brand isn't completely dead, Microsoft will continue to sell current Nokia Lumia handsets and provide the support that users expect. Also, features phones like the Nokia 130 will continue to be sold, we should also see new feature phones being introduced.

Tuula Rytilä, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones, gave an interview in which she detailed the future course of the Lumia brand. She points out that the rebranding is already underway with former Nokia-branded apps coming under the Microsoft umbrella. Similarly Nokia sites are in the process of moving to Microsoft.


It's not clear when the first Microsoft Lumia device will be unveiled, "soon" is the only answer we're getting. However, unless Microsoft sneaks in an announcement just before Christmas chances are that CES in January or the MWC in February next year is when the first devices will be unveiled.

Microsoft's strategy from its very inception is to put a PC on every desktop, now they will be focusing on a phone in every pocket. This comes on the back of record Lumia sales, so Microsoft has a decent chance of securing Windows Phone as the third horse in the smartphone OS game.




Goodbye Nokia, you were my very first mobile phone. :rolleyes:

Yes Nokia goodbye. It was my first mobile in 1997.

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in any case.. since it is now in microsoft control, expect better phones with better software... lumia sales have already picked up worldwide by recent financial reports..

plus Microsoft is the biggest recognized brand in the world..

I have mixed feelings.

F*** Nokia for selling overpriced phones (not talking about Lumia series) just like Khota Corolla with less features than competition just because of resale value.

On the other hand, most of the people's first phone was Nokia including mine so I am a little sad.


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^ Oh Look... the Walking dead...!!!

You knew my opinion about this topic :)

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We all do man, We all do .. :(

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<strong>Lumia RM-1090 appears with Microsoft branding</strong>
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The Lumia RM-1090 has been spotted at the Chinese TENAA certification website. There, the phone sports Microsoft logo above the display and on the back cover, and just as expected, a Nokia logo is nowhere to be seen.


In October, the phone also payed a visit to the FCC in the US. Back then, we got a glimpse at the phone's specs and today they're confirmed. The Microsoft RM-1090 is listed to sport a 5" display of qHD resolution(960 x 540 pixels). The battery is 1,900 mAh and the phone measures 140.2 x 72.4 x 9.3mm.

Connectivity is limited to GSM and 3G with HSPA, but the RM-1090 comes with dual-SIM card slots. Windows Phone 8.1 is running on the phone and the camera at the back is joined by a LED flash, but there aren't more details at this point.


The Microsoft RM-1090 looks to be the company's answer to the ultra affordable Android One line-up. With specs like these, we expect Microsoft to price the phone quite aggressively.

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It begins...

Hopefully the Nokia X Android lineup is gonna continue... it would suck for NOKIA to just disappear into the fog.

their WP phones will be microsoft branded..

all their low end phones like Asha sadia jameela will continue under nokia brand probably..

With whatever name it comes, we should admit it that now it's Microsoft, not Nokia...

^ Inna lillahi wainna Aleihi Rajion..:(

I would have preferred if Sony had bought Nokia and renamed all their phones to Nokia. Sony makes great hardware. Only problem is that they don't have a large distribution, quality control and after sales support network like Nokia did.

Further, from what I understand Microsoft really bought Nokia to save Windows Phone. This was the only manufacturer who was actually supporting WP. All other manufacturers had totally sidelined it. Now reports are appearing that after 2016 Nokia may again start making Android phones with a brand new team. So don’t worry, Nokia is not dead. Microsoft didn’t buy rights to the Nokia name forever. They just bought them for a few years till they can transition it to their brand.

^ dont say stuff like that.. NVD will again lose hi sleep at nights.. :(

Lolz, as he said already to not to worry as Nokia is not dead :)

Faran I’m not anti Nokia if you know, I’m against there policies infact. They were camera, screen, processors and bla bla leaders till 2008-09 and just imagine if N8 was an Android Phone ;)

The microsoft "brand" is recognised worldwide for excellence and innovation- we can expect improvement in quality- Nokia will be only a dictionary word.

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<strong>Microsoft Lumia 535 goes official with 5” qHD display</strong>
10 November, 2014 | Comments (61) | Post your comment

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The first Windows Phone smartphone to carry the Microsoft name is now a fact. The already leaked, entry-level Microsoft Lumia 535 will being rolling out to key markets this month in single or dual-SIM variants.


Microsoft Lumia 535 features Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset with 1.2GHz quad-core CPU. There’s 1GB of RAM and 8GB of built-in memory, which can be further expanded via a microSD card slot.


The display of the handset is a 5” IPS unit with qHD resolution(960 x 540 pixels), enhanced sunlight readability, and Corning Gorilla Glass 3. A duo of 5MP cameras grace the front and the back of the Lumia 535. Combined with the 5” screen, they give the device a “5x5x5 smartphone package” moniker.


The physical measures of Microsoft Lumia 535 are 140.2 x 72.4 x 8.8mm, while its weight tips the scale at 146 grams. A 1,905mAh battery powers the smartphone.

The handset boots Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim. Naturally, it offers free access to the usual plethora of Microsoft services for free.

Microsoft Lumia 535 will be available in a plethora of characterful colors on its exchangeable back cover. It will cost around €110 before any taxes and subsidies.




Just like every other Lumia phone... Still, if the price is in the same bracket as Lumia 525/630 then it's not such a bad package.

^ Yep my thoughts exactly. Its a pretty nice phone with a price of around $160 for basic smartphone use.

Where are all the *made in Pakistan* cell phones? It is pretty easy to built one now a days...