Microsoft McLaren aka Lumia 1030 with quad core CPU, 2 GB RAM and a 5 inch 1080p display specs leaked

NEW YORK: The Microsoft Lumia 1030 aka McLaren release date should coincide with the MWC in March 2015 and fans can’t wait to participate in the event to see what kind of behemoth they will be dealing with next year in person. The Lumia 1020 is still considered the best smart phone camera setup and its successor should definitely up the ante.

The latest Microsoft McLaren leak consists of a whole bunch of photos showing off the device alongside the Apple iPhone 6, which suggests that the prototype of the phone seen in the pictures should be fairly recent. That in turn reinforces the belief that the Microsoft McLaren project is indeed in the works, so fans are tingling with excitement to see what the company has in store for them.

The leaked Microsoft McLaren pictures show off a larger protruding camera which should indicate that they have an improved sensor with more features. Rumours say the Microsoft McLaren camera should measure a whopping 50 MP and should feature a 4th gen short-pulse LED flash. Rumours about Kinect-like gesture input technology have also been found, but fans are not sure where to put them yet.

Other Microsoft Lumia 1030 aka Microsoft McLaren specs include an unnamed quad core CPU, 2 GB RAM and a 5 inch 1080p display. Since that is fairly little info on the upcoming Windows Phone, and no confirmation from Microsoft has been received yet, fans should take these rumours with a grain of salt.