Microsoft attacks and open source with a damning video

"In a typographical and punchy masterpiece, Microsoft has published a video that boldly attacks OpenOffice. You can watch it after the break.

The video is simple in its execution, using what seems to the spoken, damning testimonials of those that have used OpenOffice. Beautiful fonty goodness expands, diminishes, whooshes and slides as each and every one of OpenOffice's claimed benefits are torn to pieces.

The basic purpose of the video is to show businesses that switching to free, open-source software isn't as easy or efficient as it sounds. You know what you're getting with Microsoft Office -- while with OpenOffice it's hard for a business to predict its total support costs, and seemingly that's something businesses really hate.

I don't think Microsoft Office is actually much better than OpenOffice -- it's just that almost everyone, by virtue of Microsoft's 20-year monopoly of the workplace, knows their way around Microsoft Office. In fact, the only real claim made by Microsoft in the video is that its macro support is better -- the rest of its arguments seem to boil down to 'most of the world uses Microsoft Office; so should you!'

Better the devil you know, in other words."


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Microsoft attacks and open source with a damning video

So guys, what do you think? Do you agree with the video? What is your view? What about your organization?

MS Office++.

Lame... almost all of these 'facts' can be applied to Microsoft Office as well.




not necessarily ...

^ What does 'not necessarily' mean?

I've worked (and am working now) in big companies and the exact same problems arise with Microsoft's products. People aren't born knowing how to use Microsoft Office and they have to learn it. When Office was revamped with the new ribbon interface people were bitching and griping about it too.

As for this video. Did you notice that other than the macros feature, they didn't give any concrete problem? 'Lack of support' is vague and generalized and doesn't mean anything. In large companies you have an IT department and if you don't have competent people there, then your problem is not going to be solved. Even if they contact Microsoft regarding the problem, the whole thing will take so long that you would have moved on with life by the time they'll have a solution.

'If an open source freeware solution breaks, whose going to fix it?'...another misguiding statement. If Microsoft Office breaks, their developers won't wait on hand and foot to fix your problem, unless its a disastrously huge issue (and both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice are mature enough to be past that stage). For minor issues, you'll have to file a ticket and then some time in the not necessarily near future it may or may not be fixed. Open source software follows the same bug fixing process where tickets are filed and then fixed according to priority.

Don't get me wrong. I think Microsoft Office is a pretty good software suite. However I don't appreciate their half-truths and vague exaggerations in an attempt to make the competition look bad. Don't you question the reason why a huge giant like Microsoft which has money to throw out the window took the time to make a slander campaign like this one? Why not just spend the time, money and energy to improve their own product so they won't have to go out of their way to diss the competition?

It is a very convincing video I have to say. Sort of highlights the naivety of some users. I mean to expect to convert to open source without any problems is foolish. There are problems and you have to tackle them. Blaming the software is not the solution. Learning how to use it is.

I agree with sah! MS is just as broken! This is all just propaganda!

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…the rest of its arguments seem to boil down to ‘most of the world uses Microsoft Office; so should you!’


I did not yet use openoffice. What is advanced with Open Office?

This is late.... any ways no one noticed perhaps....... but I loved the animation and presentation seriously :P

Of course I would prefer MS Office as well... but regarding the attempt to fire up It didn't impress me more than a little... they just picked up 2 or 3 reasons to shout about.... is mostly used to deal with documents already created with MS Office, which actually is completely different by core. I would never expect the same functionality from in this case... It's not the Software Program you should blame for this... You should pick a better solution for you which you think is not useless for you... "Converting things is really foolish for professionals, when they know it's not good".... I would still give 5 to OpenOffice for growing(inside) as much with the MS Office as it can... I appreciate that....

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I did not yet use openoffice. What is advanced with Open Office?

It’s not advanced but it’s free to use for working with the documents or spreadsheets. (A less than an alternate to Microsoft Office, which is paid)