Micronet Gives Away its Customers to Link Dot Net

Micronet, the leading broadband service provider in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, has decided to give away its broadband customers of two exchanges to Link Dot Net, confirmed us official sources in the company.

Micronet said that this move came after anti-competitive environment created by PTCL, which is restricting ISPs' profit and workability for broadband service providers. Official of Micronet said that they were losing Rs. 50,000 a month per exchange.

In the first phase, Micronet handed over its customers of Zero Point and Airport Housing Exchanges. Those customers who were in coverage area of nayatel were shifted to fiber optic network, while others were shifted to LDN.

Company said that they may handover more customers to LDN, based on future strategy.

This way, Micronet will be able to shift its core focus on Nayatel, company's arm dedicated for fiber optic broadband users.

Micronet said it has 7,000 registered broadband users in the twin cities before the move

Source: http://propakistani.pk/2010/12/28/micronet-gives-away-its-customers-to-link-dot-net/

Speaking of which, how is LDN doing these days? You hardly get to see any reports about them on the forums...

LDN is quite good in Jhelum.

100KB+ downloading on 1MB connection in peak hours is awsome.

And wateen sucks in peak hours.

What advantages are they taking as return ?